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January 12 - 14, 2024

Empower. Educate. Entertain.


About DJ Power Summit

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary and unparalleled event, courtesy of the DJ Power Summit! We are completely transforming the way culture and creativity converge with a unique three-day immersive experience. This phenomenal event will encompass daily schedules packed with events, thought-provoking discussions that leave a mark, live performances that captivate, hands-on masterclasses that foster interaction, a gaming house for enthusiasts, and much more.

This year's theme, "Empower, Educate, & Entertain," is the heart of the DJ Power Summit's mission. As we celebrate the summit's impressive third-year anniversary, we're embracing the power of empowerment, the value of education, and the joy of entertainment. This theme aligns perfectly with our intention to uplift and inspire, all while paying homage to the monumental 50-year legacy of Hip Hop and its incredible global impact.

Throughout the three days, you can expect to engage in impactful discussions that shed light on crucial topics, from the evolution of Hip Hop culture to the role of DJs in shaping musical landscapes. Experience live performances that will leave you awestruck, as artists from various genres come together to celebrate the art of music. The interactive masterclasses provide a unique chance to learn directly from industry experts, refining your skills and deepening your understanding.


Join us as we celebrate the DJ Power Summit's third year and honor the profound impact of Hip Hop on its 50th anniversary. It's a convergence of culture, creativity, and community like never before. Get ready to be empowered, educated, entertained, and inspired in ways that will stay with you long after the event concludes.




Panels & Workshops


Featured Speakers



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The Summit offers workshops on topics from DJ technology, lifestyle, and music production including the evolving landscape of music streaming, fan engagement, content marketing, and branding.

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Being a DJ entails more than just playing music; it requires a strategic mindset and business acumen. We encourage DJs to recognize themselves as not only artists but business professionals in the world od music and entertainment.



The DJ Power Summit showcases a diverse spectrum of musical artists from emerging indie talent to established mainstream artists, offering a vibrant stage for DJs to unite and collaborate.


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